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Encouragement to Buy Eggs Locally

I ran across this video put out by the Cornucopia Institute which talks about the games that are being played in the organic egg industry. According to the video, 80% of the market is cornered by large, profit-only corporations who give only lip service to  what’s intended by the words ‘cage-free’ and ‘pastured’.  They produced an Organic Egg Scorecard which gives some insight into how the large egg producers are doing.

I want to encourage egg consumers to seek out and find local egg producers who are treating their chickens with the respect and dignity that God intended – that is allowing the chicken to be a chicken in its full expression. Chickens aren’t meant to be crammed into a crowded space, one right on top of the other. They are meant to roam, peck and explore. You can find egg producers at local Farmer’s Markets on Craigslist.org or even from this site. Ask questions about what their chickens are eating. Beware of the ones feeding their chickens commercial feed; in more cases than not, the feed is loaded with genetically modified grains. Here is the video:

In case you can’t view this onscreen, here is the link to the video: